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Michael Blackstone is a traditional country music singer and real cowboy. Known for high energy shows that will keep you dancing all night. Started his music career in 1995 and in the years 1997 to 2007 was averaging 200 live shows per year. Playing in hundreds of bars and honkytonks then graduating to larger the venue shows. Always staying true to his roots with music influences like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Mark Chesnutt, Garth Brooks and many more. Michael is a lead singer, plays rhythm guitar and the harmonica.

Michael was the opening act on the "Mossy Oak" tour, then in 2005 was the headliner on the "Shades of Summer" tour. In 2013, after loosing his mother to breast cancer started the "Real Men Wear Pink" Project and still promotes Breast Cancer Awareness each year in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2013 Michael semi-retired from the business to take a little break. In 2017 "He's Back" the break is over! Michael is blending his Live Show experience with the new digital and social media technology to bring you great entertainment.

Michael is a Nationally known Horse Trainer and in 2000 invented the "World Famous Bitless Bridle". Michael had one of the very first Horse shows that aired on RFD-TV. His 30 min Horse Training show was televised for 23 straight weeks with millions of viewers all over the country. For years the Blackstone's had a large riding stable and have always enjoyed real ranch life and country living. Quarter Horses are Michael's breed of choice.

Michael came up through the music business the old fashion way where it was Live Shows anywhere you could get a booking. The clubs wanted Entertainers who brought in the crowds and kept them dancing all night long...and Blackstone always got it done. Wiith Social Media as the present way of engaging with fans... Michael is building his digital following and fan base...and invites you to follow and share with him on your favorite social channel. Michael promises to engage direct with his fans and will never sell himself or his fan base out to a record label.

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